Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life Drawing 03-14-2011

Hey folks!  Its been a while since my last post (over a month yikes!) well never fear I'm still here.

Its been a little hard trying to figure out the best time to get some productive art done but I think I've found a routine to get things done and so far so good.  I'm working on a big painting (well big for me 12 by 16) and taking my time with it so I get the results I want.  I found before with my other paintings that I felt I was rushing to meet my own crazy made up deadlines and I think my work hurt a little bit as the result.  Soooo I'm taking a step back, honing in on my skills and letting a painting be done when its done.  With that said a little about the image above.

Riding the DC Metro I see a lot of  DC business suits. And yesterday there was a bunch of them on my train going in.  I was studying the hands holding the rails (looking at light patterns and what not) and I noticed one of the suits had on a shiny gold watch.  Focusing on the watch I noticed that it happen to have Mickey Mouse in the center.  I thought it was funny. Here was a bunch of suits with their brief cases and most with what looked like silver Rolexes and this one had a Disney watch (mind you an expensive looking one).  

It made me imagine that all he can think about is his vacation coming up to go to Disney World.  Which lead me to my next painting idea (that is now stored on my idea bucket).

I see a lot of interesting characters on the metro. And everyone has a story to tell.  This painting took about 15 minutes and was done in watercolor and pen.  I'm going to try to start capturing more of their stories and post them up.

Happy Sketching everyone!

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  1. Very cool observation. I've noticed an affinity for Disney among some executives in my neck of the woods too.

    I'm always afraid to draw on the train. I feel like it makes people nervous.

    This drawing feels ghostly.

    Good luck on your huge painting.