Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life Drawing 3-15-2011

Did this one on the bus yesterday.   

Looking for the overall shapes and adding some watercolor at home. The only problem I have with this sketch is that I cut the guy's nose off a little short.  I have to pay more attention to my angles and measurements.  

I like that I was able to paint this one inside my sketchbook.  It kept it looking fresh and I really hate the transfer process.  I just loose some excitement over a piece if I have to keep drawing it over and over again.

My sketchbook held up pretty well taking all the washes I did. The paper did buckle quite a bit but smoothed out in the end.  It feels good adding some color to my sketchbook finally.

I  noticed one thing with drawing with the pen is that sometimes if you draw for a while the ink blobs up at the end and will leave pools of ink on the paper. Notice the blots around the main guy's collar.  Going to have to carry a paper towel with me to wipe the excess off the pen or find a better one cause those pools smear and it can get everywhere.


  1. Reminds me of Orson Wells. Great profile.

  2. well done!
    Here's a set of alternative media:
    Get yourself a black Tombow marker/brush, and a Waterpen/brush, such as the ones by Niji. Work on a cheaper spiral bound watercolor pad, with 90# or 140# paper. The cheaper stuff, like Strathmore 400, has a denser sizing that doesn't absorb as much pigment, easier to move the Tombow around. Do the sketching in with a waterproof marker. Sharpie micropoints work well but aren't lightfast. See David Lobenberg's sketching work for an example.

  3. Thanks Rick will have to try that method out.