Thursday, September 1, 2011

RedDie No.1

At long last here's my latest piece. And it's all digital.

 I had a lot of fun creating this piece.  While painting  in Photoshop I kept a black and white adjustment layer on the very top and painted with it on.  I found that this really helped with the value relationships. I would also  toggle off this layer to check to make sure that my colors didn't strike out too much.   

Originally this was piece was intended to be a cover for a painting series.  It involved a femme fatale in Las Vegas and an lucky/unlucky gambler.  And I had plans ( and still do ) to her in the background.  But I liked the way the die looked by itself and decided to pause here and take a snapshot.  

To the left and below are some of the thumbnails I drew up.

below is a study of a model from Robert A Maguire's gallery.  I was inspired a lot by his work while coming up with this series concept.


And here's an image with a testing title placement.


  1. This is insanely poignant!

    The die feels dangerous, real, sharp, and the monochromatic red gives it a heckuva mood.


  2. Wow... really cool!! Love the minimal color and the texture AND the composition!! Also I like that we are unsure if it is floating (in motion) or standing still. Thanks for posting your sketches, always love to see the brainstorming and process!!