Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flower Power


Here's a little watercolor I just finished up for my mom.  Took a reference photo from her little flower garden outside of her kitchen.  Hopes she likes it!


  1. Dude, you're making me look like a bad art son. I never draw people stuff anymore.

    I like the colors.

  2. Nice work man!

  3. Wow this looks amazing!!! So you did this May 25th... and we are June 17th... So?? Was she incredibly happy?? I bet. It really is beautiful. I am with Rubbin on this, now I feel quite cheap as the last artwork I did for my mom goes back ages ago! :) Amazing colors and beautifully rendered, John.

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

    @Isabelle - yep yep my mom is always happy with anything I do. She still has some of my (embarrassing) high school artwork hanging up in her living room. Which, come to think of it, should motivate me more to give her some better art.

    And yep its been a hot minute (some Virginia slang) since I've posted. I guess you can say its due to a lack of focus and time. And a painting I've been working on that won't let me go until its done. I've attempt to finish it many times in watercolor but to no avail. My next tactic is try it in oil.

    I just returned from vacation fresh, renewed, and inspired. My art focus replenished and I'm back on track. I'll post up some life drawing sketches that i have done recently and continue to work/solve my latest art piece.