Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh Dandelion.

Pencil and Digital

Came up with this idea after brain storming on the Illustration Friday topic REVERSE.  Going to try to paint this up in watercolor.  But for now just some pencil and simple Photoshop coloring.  Thoughts and Critiques most welcomed!


  1. Cool idea cousin,
    really digging the colors and her hair is looking spot on. I'd adjust the top part of her right shoulder to curve a little bit, right now seems to be too sharp of an edge. also, just a suggestion but I wonder if you take away her left arm would the subject seem more balanced? keep it up homie!

  2. Beautiful! Wonderful idea, and absolutely magical interpretation.

  3. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

    @Mr. Jr. - yeah I definitely need to curve her out some more and work on some hand poses. Gene Vilppu here I come! And as far as balance I think I will widen the canvas to put more space in front of her. Hopefully it give the impression that she's sitting in a open field. (Making it more magical). As for the left arm I think I would like to leave it in there as shes suppose to be sitting down and resting her arm over her knee. I just need to go back and tighten up my anatomy. Thanks for the constructive critique man I appreciate it. Favorite Quote at the moment : "there are no shortcuts to excellence" - Harold Speed.

  4. Thank you John, for your comments on the picture on my blog.

  5. Beautiful idea sir. I like it a lot!

    One quick idea/suggestion: perhaps removed the left 1/3 of the dandelion head to mirror the woman's.

    Also? I like the idea of the wider canvas a lot, but be careful not to make her too little of the focus. :)

  6. this is such a cool concept, its beautiful

  7. This is AWESOME. Very powerful piece. Well drawn. Great idea.

  8. This is such a beautiful idea!!! Love your interpretation of reverse. Not an easy subject (for me anyway) Lovely work.

  9. love it ...

    séverine, french girl

  10. Stumbled over here via Rubin..
    Your drawings are wonderful!
    I love how you just leave the pencil and fill it up with watercolor. I am so hooked on pen and ink, I struggle leaving images softer w/out adding the pen.
    This drawing is awwwwesome!
    And I like your "constructive critiques". Great ideas. I wish someone would actually be honest on my site and tell me their suggestions...
    Glad to meet you!